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Oct 17

A serious and very real threat to your WIFI network

  It has been reported that a vulnerability in every wifi network has been discovered and can be easily exploited and used to devastating affect. This is regardless of how secure your password is, in fact the hacker doesn’t even need to know what your password is, to snoop and steal information and take control. …

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Jun 14

RansomWare attacks remind us to keep our macs up-to-date

The recent Ransomware attack on May, 2017 was big news. Really big. This was mainly because the Wannacry virus hit Government servers and shut down hospitals and other services all around the world, thus threatening global finance and lives. It was, in fact, the largest Ransomware attack in history. As this was a Windows only attack I …

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Jul 07

Force quitting an application

In ancient times, well ok the 1990’s, if an application failed it meant the whole Mac failed. You really did have the thrown the baby out with the bath water. But for a long time now you won’t lose the data in your unsaved* Excel spreadsheet if Word fails for some reason. If an application …

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Dec 07

Places to remove files from your hard disk

If you put a hundred Mac technicians into a room and asked them if you should defragment your hard disk some of them would say ‘no’ some would say ‘absolutely’  and the rest would shuffle about nervously biting their lips and looking skyward. The truth is the answer is a divided one. There is no …

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Sep 01

Urgent Java Update

Its OK, you don’t really need to know what Java is but its probably running on your Mac and it has a dangerous hole in it. Once upon a time Apple released their own Java updates but they were slow to react to exploits and this lead to  600,000 Macs being infected with the FlashBack …

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