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Jun 18

The only use for LaunchPad

You are going to think me the worst kind of hypocrite. You are going to want me hung from the nearest yard arm and spanked until my bottom is blue. You may even think I have gone mad but I think I have found a use for that ugly stepchild of all interface designs- LaunchPad. …

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May 20

Stop Lion from opening windows

Do you remember the good old days when a computer would cheerfully close all windows when you shut down your computer? These days it is a ‘feature’ that Lion reopens all your windows and relaunches all your applications upon reboot. This is often the very thing you don’t want at reboot time, so its not …

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Mar 19

Mountain Lion and Windows 8

There is something happening to desktop interfaces on both sides of the divide and I am not sure I like it. The push seems to be the interface used on smartphones – the ones that rely on touch screens and finger swipes – is to be shoehorned onto the desktop. It was Apple, in 2007, …

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Feb 17

Apple announce Mountain Lion

Apple’s approach to the release of their next operating system is something of a surprise and is perhaps a sign of things to come. Without warning and certainly without a media event they released a number of details about the next operating system due this year. OS X Mountain Lion–10.8 is yet another attempt to …

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Feb 13

Lion 10.7.3 Update- Beware

Yesterday Apple released an update to Lion and while this is normally a reason to celebrate and enjoy the bug fixes and enhancements that always come with such an update – this one has a sting! The update located in Software update is a delta update (only updates what is needed) and this one can …

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