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Jun 15

How do you play music in your lounge room?

I am wondering… do you have hundreds, maybe thousands, of songs on your iPhone or iPod. Do you have just as many CDs in the cupboard? Perhaps these CDs helped create the empire of music on your idevice? But is this music only played in certain places or particular times? Is your workout rocked out to playlists …

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Feb 21

Moving your media to a new drive

I am sure you already know – or perhaps I only imagine that you do – but I am not a fan of spreading data around between different drives. My rule is, everything on one drive and backed up to another. It’s simple that way, something you’ll be glad of when a restore or rebuild …

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Jul 24

What just happened to iTunes?

  I have been working on this article for a while now and must have changed my mind a dozen times about how to write it because, the truth is, I am conflicted. On one hand I can see what Apple Music is supposed to be, but on the other I find the new interface …

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Jun 29

Streaming music

In a lot of ways I am an old fashioned kind of guy. I believe in buying MY music and listening to MY music on MY iPod or iPhone. Streaming music, like listening to the radio, seems like renting rather than buying. So traditional radio and services like Rhapsody and Spotify have completely passed me …

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