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Mar 27

Installing Sierra? You might want to avoid this step.

  Don’t get me wrong, I think Sierra is a great operating system and have installed it on absolutely anything that will take it. I love Siri on the desktop, I love Apple Pay in the browser and all the other 160+ improvements that came with it. I would encourage you to install it but …

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Dec 04

There is an answer to slow internet

If you live in the ACT there is a pretty good chance that you hate your internet. It is slow. It crashes. It is good for – maybe – browsing the web for a few minutes before it grinds to a halt completely. It would actually be quicker to fly to Sydney, get a cab …

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Jun 16

What to do when your Internet stops working

Before we go any further I want to get one thing straight. This article is NOT my attempt to fob you off because I can’t be bothered because, frankly, nothing could be further from the truth. Nor is it  an attempt to sling mud at the ISPs of Australia. What this article is about is …

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