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Nov 26

Getting a better internet speed

We have all been through this and if we make the mistake of asking our ISP for help the answer is always the same… “your line is fine”. And it is true, your line IS fine but the mechanics of the internet, as provided by your ISP, is broken. So here is a way to …

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Mar 27

Installing Sierra? You might want to avoid this step.

  Don’t get me wrong, I think Sierra is a great operating system and have installed it on absolutely anything that will take it. I love Siri on the desktop, I love Apple Pay in the browser and all the other 160+ improvements that came with it. I would encourage you to install it but …

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Dec 04

There is an answer to slow internet

If you live in the ACT there is a pretty good chance that you hate your internet. It is slow. It crashes. It is good for – maybe – browsing the web for a few minutes before it grinds to a halt completely. It would actually be quicker to fly to Sydney, get a cab …

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Jun 16

What to do when your Internet stops working

Before we go any further I want to get one thing straight. This article is NOT my attempt to fob you off because I can’t be bothered because, frankly, nothing could be further from the truth. Nor is it  an attempt to sling mud at the ISPs of Australia. What this article is about is …

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