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Apr 25

Sending a photo from the Photo app

A lot of people had some very negative things to say about Photos when it first came out. These people complained that they couldn’t find anything, that their Events had disappeared and all the cool features from iPhoto had been removed. Happily, most of these complaints evaporated like a Trump election promise the minute they …

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Feb 21

Moving your media to a new drive

I am sure you already know – or perhaps I only imagine that you do – but I am not a fan of spreading data around between different drives. My rule is, everything on one drive and backed up to another. It’s simple that way, something you’ll be glad of when a restore or rebuild …

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Oct 24

Ordering prints from Photos

When I first started in the computer business I was sold the lie of the paperless office. When I started my business I was determined that it should be as paperless as possible and so now everything in my house is digital. All paper that comes in is scanned and then shredded and the only …

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Apr 25

iPhoto gets the boot

If you were to go back in time to a house 100 years ago you’d more than likely see rooms filled with large wooden tables, chairs with legs thicker than the people sitting in them and china cabinets that were almost big enough, and sturdy enough, to actually live in. But look at a house today …

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Mar 30

Given the price of ink…

When I purchased my first colour inkjet printer I was sure that trips to the photo lab would be a thing of the past. Surely now I had the power to print any photo I wanted, at anytime, and stick it in a frame. Of course I could do all this, but at a hefty …

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