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Jun 14

Erasing your old iDevice

With all the new iPad Pros and -soon- iPhones that will soon be enticing us to upgrade, now might be a good time to discuss the best way to prepare your old iDevice for sale or bequeathment. Firstly make sure that your device has been correctly – and recently –  backed up. If you have been plugging …

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Sep 05

iOS10 – coming soon

  Last week we posted a warning about some nasty Malware for iOS that has been discovered in the wild. In the article we said that the best way to avoid that Malware was (and still is) to upgrade to 9.3.5. However, it is worth noting that iOS10 is also immune to this Malware and …

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Aug 29

Urgent Upgrade Recommended

Over the weekend serious malware was discovered in the wild and you need to upgrade your iPhone and iPad to 9.3.5 without delay. This shouldn’t be taken lightly because this exploit is already in the wild and has been described as being extraordinarily sophisticated in its approach and, once installed. is almost impossible to detect and …

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Jun 05

This is – probably – why you can’t send email from your iPhone

  It is very confusing. In fact it is one of those situations where you might be close to pulling out every strand of hair just before throwing your iPad – or iPhone – out the window. You can send email while you are at home but as soon as you walk out the door …

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Jun 05

Yes, you are probably using iCloud

  All of a sudden it seems people are saying to me things like, “What is iCloud?” , “I don’t think I have it installed” or “I don’t think I even use it.” Chances are, if you have an iPad or an iPhone iCloud is installed and you do use it. And if somehow you don’t I …

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