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Jan 01

Apple is slowing down your old iPhone

  In late 2017 it was discovered that Apple had been writing code in the iOS that deliberately slowed down your phone. This was first discovered with anecdotal evidence and Apple denied that it was doing anything wrong. However, and some might say inevitably, hard facts surfaced and Apple were forced to come clean. I …

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Nov 21

The best headphones

Regular readers of this site will, I am sure, already know that I am a big fan of wireless headphones. That is not to say that I am in love with all wireless headphones and that they are all created equally. My first foray into this world of wireless music was a set of Plantronics …

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Oct 05

Using the magnifying glass hidden in your iPhone

I cannot tell if Microsoft are sadists or not but they seem to enjoy making life difficult.  Not only do they insist on adhering to charging for their Windows 10 operating system (or as I like to call it, 335 reasons to switch to a Mac) but they insist on using a serial key that …

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Oct 05

Apple watch series 3 – first month

  Regular readers of my website or FaceBook page will no doubt recall the unparalleled hell I experienced at the hands of Telstra when attempting to set up my Apple Watch S3 to a mobile network. I get that this is a new product and I understand that challenges are to be expected but there …

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Jun 15

How do you play music in your lounge room?

I am wondering… do you have hundreds, maybe thousands, of songs on your iPhone or iPod. Do you have just as many CDs in the cupboard? Perhaps these CDs helped create the empire of music on your idevice? But is this music only played in certain places or particular times? Is your workout rocked out to playlists …

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