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Jun 08

Protect your iCloud account with two-step verification

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that the Russian hackers responsible for this attack have been arrested. It has also been confirmed that iCloud had not been hacked but rather the people affected were victims of Phishing or other such scams and had given their details away. There has been a fair amount of chatter in the press …

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Feb 08

Charge your iPhone (or iPad) quickly

It has happened to us all. You are about to leave the house and you grab your iPhone or iPad and you discover you’ve got about 5% battery life left. Experience tells you that this means the bloody thing will be dead before you get to the car. And sticking it on a charger won’t …

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May 24

Following the life of a photo

It used to be so simple. You took a photo on your iPhone and it stayed there until you synced it to your Mac. From there, if you could be bothered, you crop it or changed the colouring, but mostly you’d just file it. But now Apple have tried to get clever with photo stream, …

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Apr 01

Flipboard- better than a newspaper

I hadn’t read a paper based magazine or newspaper in ages. Not until this morning anyway. My primary reason for avoiding magazines is the news is generally old by the time I buy it, so the laptop I am reading about in the ‘latest’ Macworld has already been superseded by the time the magazine went …

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Mar 30

Who needs 4G anyway?

The media and the ACCC have recently gone after Apple claiming they potentially misled the Australian public by labelling their recent iPad as 4G when–at least in this country–that is not the case. As it turns out we are better off without 4G. Regardless of Apple’s fuzzy marketing there really wasn’t any question of them …

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