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Oct 17

A serious and very real threat to your WIFI network

  It has been reported that a vulnerability in every wifi network has been discovered and can be easily exploited and used to devastating affect. This is regardless of how secure your password is, in fact the hacker doesn’t even need to know what your password is, to snoop and steal information and take control. …

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Sep 26

XcodeGhost malware hack on IOS

Has my iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod) been infected with Malware? Probably not. What happened? Since the introduction of the App Store in 2008 there have been 4 (out of 1.4 million) applications found to have code that was considered to be malicious. That compares to 33% of applications discovered in the Android Market Place – …

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Jun 02

Cloud storage for a Mac user

Editors Note: Originally this post was going to be a study of cloud services and how they work with the various desktop and iOS applications. However, as it is too often the case, I got side tracked into the new costs facing Microsoft Office users. This issue is a little more serious, and as it …

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May 29

Apple don’t make it obvious but it can be done

. Apple sure don’t help themselves with their choice of menus. Their classic habit of referring to “folders” in the Mail application as “mailboxes” has always been a head scratcher for me. Last year it became apparent that those who use iPad or iPhone can save documents to cloud based services like Dropbox. All of …

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Dec 30

New Weather App points to everything that is wrong with iOS

Two things came together that motivated me to write this article, something I wasn’t planning on doing until the new year. The first was the upgrade to Weather Au from Shiftyjelly and the other was an article by Liz Gannes that appeared on the All Things D website. Shiftyjelly have been producing a weather application for …

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