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Mar 23

Installing Flash

A lot of people have issues installing Flash. This is partly because halfway through the process Adobe use the word “install” – which it doesn’t and partly because  Adobe require you to use a web browser to do the installing – which will make the installer fail. To their credit they do flash instructions up …

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Apr 23

No CD drive. Don’t sweat it.

Sharing things is very important and this is very true when it comes to Apple and CD Roms. For a long time now Apple have been doing to the CD drive that they did to the floppy drive back in the 1990’s, namely killing it off. What with hi speed Internet, movie downloads and USB …

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Nov 20

Don’t believe everything you read. (except this website of course)

A few weeks back there were all kinds of rumours circulating that the new iMac will not be shipping till next year. A Dell or Microsoft plot me thinks! Anyway, if you look at the Apple website (not that this is known for its accuracy when it comes to shipping dates) and this article at …

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Oct 22

Apple Recalls iMac disks

My hatred for Seagate hard disks goes back many years. Way back in the mid 90’s, when I worked for the reseller Logical Solutions, we received an order for 25 Macintosh IIsi. But the hard disks from Apple weren’t considered big enough so it was decided to fit them with 25 Seagate drives instead. Within a …

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Mar 23

New iMac- possibly

I was thinking about Apple and their recent hardware releases and I think I can predict what the next iMac will look like. It’s no secret that Apple want to bring the iOS interface to the desktop (or something like it) and I think this might be a clue to where they are heading. Also, …

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