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Mar 27

Installing Sierra? You might want to avoid this step.

  Don’t get me wrong, I think Sierra is a great operating system and have installed it on absolutely anything that will take it. I love Siri on the desktop, I love Apple Pay in the browser and all the other 160+ improvements that came with it. I would encourage you to install it but …

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Jun 05

Yes, you are probably using iCloud

  All of a sudden it seems people are saying to me things like, “What is iCloud?” , “I don’t think I have it installed” or “I don’t think I even use it.” Chances are, if you have an iPad or an iPhone iCloud is installed and you do use it. And if somehow you don’t I …

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Sep 02

Recent nude photo scandal has implications for you

Even if the most risqué photo on your iPhone is a cat cleaning itself the recent theft of nude photos from 100 of Hollywood’s hottest stars will affect you and your iCloud account. The initial report suggested that iCloud had in fact been hacked but Apple has since announced that the attack was “specific” and “targeted” …

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Jun 08

Protect your iCloud account with two-step verification

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that the Russian hackers responsible for this attack have been arrested. It has also been confirmed that iCloud had not been hacked but rather the people affected were victims of Phishing or other such scams and had given their details away. There has been a fair amount of chatter in the press …

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Oct 20

iWork in the cloud – at last

Up till now if you wanted to sit down and compose a Pages document (or Keynote presentation or Numbers spreadsheet for that matter) you needed to do it at your Mac.  Its true that you could do this on your iPad or iPhone but sometimes you need a bigger screen. Sometimes to need more elbow …

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