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Nov 02

Alternatives to google

It is the pits when you are forced to admit that while the guy on the corner is the rudest barista you have ever known in your life….he makes the best coffee in town! In a similar way most people don’t really like using google because they sift through everything you do – a bit …

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Feb 05

If you have a gmail account you might want to read this.

You may not know this (because most people don’t) that google has its own social media service in the form of google+. It has been said that the only people who actually use this service are google employees and while this might be a slight exaggeration the fact remains that that it is about as …

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Sep 01

Where has my google search gone?

When Mountain Lion pounced earlier this year few released, until it was too late, that their Google search box had disappeared from Safari. Not long after that Apple released an update to Safari for 10.7.4 and suddenly it disappeared for Lion users as well. Well the good news is this is not an error but …

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Jun 18

iOS6 beta1- so far

On the 12th of June I wrote with great enthusiasm about iOS6. Recently I was able to download the beta1 onto my iPhone 4s to see first hand if all that was promised at the WWDC was in fact reality. Sadly it isn’t. Not yet any rate. Before we go any further it has to …

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Mar 21

Stop browsers from tracking you

Cookies don’t just have the potential for weight gain they can also be used to track your every move. Of course I am talking about Browser cookies and not those delicious soft centered biscuits with chocolate chip coasting and…. pardon me a second, I need something to eat. That’s better…. Now, where was I? Oh …

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