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Jun 02

Cloud storage for a Mac user

Editors Note: Originally this post was going to be a study of cloud services and how they work with the various desktop and iOS applications. However, as it is too often the case, I got side tracked into the new costs facing Microsoft Office users. This issue is a little more serious, and as it …

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May 29

Apple don’t make it obvious but it can be done

. Apple sure don’t help themselves with their choice of menus. Their classic habit of referring to “folders” in the Mail application as “mailboxes” has always been a head scratcher for me. Last year it became apparent that those who use iPad or iPhone can save documents to cloud based services like Dropbox. All of …

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Aug 02

Change your DropBox password

It was confirmed recently that DropBox had been hacked and password stolen. As breaches go this was a very small one with only a few hundred out of millions of passwords being hacked. However, to be on the safe side, Dropbox have advised people to change their current password with, as always, a stronger password. …

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