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May 30

Apple store for Canberra – Updated.

This Seek advert has started a buzz in Canberra. Further grass roots investigations and discussions seem to confirm that Apple is indeed planning to open one of their monolithic stores in Canberra. What does this mean for Canberra Apple buyers, other Apple Resellers and people like me? Well for the Apple buyer in Canberra it …

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Feb 17

Apple announce Mountain Lion

Apple’s approach to the release of their next operating system is something of a surprise and is perhaps a sign of things to come. Without warning and certainly without a media event they released a number of details about the next operating system due this year. OS X Mountain Lion–10.8 is yet another attempt to …

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Feb 17

Mountain Lion will kill your (not so old) iMac

No sooner had the dust settled on the shock announcement of Mountain Lion when Chris Rawson of “The Unofficial Apple Website” exposed the horrible truth that some not so old iMacs would not be able to run Mountain Lion  when it is released later this year. Rather then reinventing the wheel here is Chris’s very revealing article that not …

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Feb 13

Lion 10.7.3 Update- Beware

Yesterday Apple released an update to Lion and while this is normally a reason to celebrate and enjoy the bug fixes and enhancements that always come with such an update – this one has a sting! The update located in Software update is a delta update (only updates what is needed) and this one can …

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Mar 03

Why does competition come in the form of a soulless copy?

Competition. Everyone seems to agree that competition is a good thing. Competition, the supporters claim, leads to better service, cheaper prices and better products. Well I have my own view of these claims. I have seen competition lead to trashy and bland food because the food companies need to compete to bring seasonal food all …

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