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Sep 21

There is a difference between a gimmick and a feature

If there is one thing that fries my burger it is twenty somethings using the word ‘like’ as if it were a comma! Please stop! But the other thing is when Apple bring out a product or feature and someone pops up and says “Oh well, you know – like – Samsung did that years …

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Mar 27

Apple Pay

UPDATE: 2nd April 2017. The banks lost their bid against Apple.  If you bank with Bendigo, Westpac, NAB or CommBank then I am sorry but you are out of luck. At least for now. But for those that have switched to ANZ (plus AMEX and a few smaller building societies) then Apple Pay is here and …

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Apr 17

Apple Watch 1 year on

Recently the Apple Watch celebrated its 1st birthday so I thought this was as good a time as any to see if it was still relevant. Was it a good purchase? Is it in a draw somewhere? Am I counting the bids it is getting on my eBay page? In theory the Apple Watch can be used for …

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Sep 15

Everything that is new from Apple

So there I was, 3am in the morning,  waiting for the latest Apple event to be streamed live into my lounge room. I was moulded into our couch wearing a dressing gown, slippers and, so as not to wake the saner members of the household, wireless headphones. I had a mug of coco in one …

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Aug 02

The reality of owning an Apple Watch

Just over a month ago I strapped a 42mm black Apple Watch Sports to my wrist. It was a wrist inexorably connected to my 20kg overweight frame and I was determined to do something about making it lighter. Today that same watch is still on my wrist but with its help I have taken 3 …

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