Our main concern is that your mac remains as healthy as possible and that you get the most out of your mac. Do achieve this mac services offers a number of different services.


Software support

This covers a lot of different things including installs, discovering why your mac won’t logon or figuring out why  Microsoft Word is crashing or the best way to import names and addresses from an Excel spreadsheet….etc.



Hardware support

Mac making a funny noise, printer will not printing or your backup hard disk won’t mount?

Supplying and installing a ram upgrade or installing a new hard disk on your current Mac or maybe you are getting a new Mac and need all your old data safely to the new Mac.



Buying Advice

Should you buy a Mac? What Mac should you buy? Which software is right for you?.

Or would you be better off with an iPad or should you wait because the next big thing is just around the corner. If you are thinking of buying a Mac or upgrading an old one – have a look at these suggestions for a smooth purchase.



Health Checks

Regular health checks to make sure your Mac stays healthy and up to date. It also means you are in regular contact with the latest info and while there we can deal with those little issues that you have been meaning to call about.



Switching from Windows

And why wouldn’t ya!
Exporting and transferring all your files and emails and connecting it to your home or office network.

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