Aug 28

Remove Genieo from your Mac

popupFrom time to time, when downloading legitimate applications, they come bundled with utilities that are both self promoting and buggy. MacKeeper comes to mind and I have written about that digital excrement before here but this time I need to warn you about Genieo.

I first noticed Genieo a few years ago on a clients computer.  Back then thought it was something she had downloaded for her own purposes and so I didn’t mention it. But in recent weeks I have found 4 macs infected with Mac Trojans and this is a stark contrast to the zero I have discovered in the last 25 years…. so I thought something was up. The trojans were continually putting up ads in Safari or offers to enter competitions when the client was trying to browse.

I was shocked by this sudden leap in infections and when I started looking into it I discovered that nearly all of these clients had Genieo installed.

Now I am not saying that Genieo is a trojan or a virus or even that it is evil. But its definitely self promoting and does little to enhance your Mac. Needless to say I removed it quick smart and I advise you do as well.

So, how do you know if you have it installed?

If Genieo is installed you will see an icon – looks something like a house – in the menubar. If you click on it you’ll see a menu something like this.


Steps to remove

1. Click on the Genieo menu and choose Quit

2. go to this address

3. Click on Uninstall Genieo and follow the prompts.

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