Nov 21

Read in peace

Apple have covered this in press releases and Keynote demos but on a day to day basis this little feature is easy to miss. Of course I am referring to the Reader option.

Have you ever wanted to read an article on a  web page and been distracted by all the ads running down the side. Or perhaps the fonts are too small?

Simply by pressing Command+Shift+R (or click on the View menu and choose Enter Reader) you can turn  a page that looks like this….

…into this….

I like it and I hope you like it as well.

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Mar 06

Printing Envelopes on a Mac

Computers and printers have been around for, well, ages really and yet, despite all the whiz bang and the speed, the fonts, the games and the graphic cards, not to mention the mega storage space available to the average computer these days – its the printing of labels and envelopes that seems to have proven to be the Times crossword of the computer world. Many offices still have a typewriter handy to bash off a few labels or they have forked out $300+ on label printers that do nothing more than, err, print labels.

But over the last couple of years applications and utilities have been coming out that really solve this problem and the great news is you’ve probably already got one and the other one is free!!

Address Book – that little brown icon in your dock that few people use is actually a very useful little item. Not only does it have Bluetooth connectivity built into it (so the numbers on your mobile can always be in sync with your Address Book) but it also has built in templates for printing envelopes, labels and lilsts.

Try selecting an address and pull down the Utilities menu (it looks like a little cog) and you’ll be amazed at what you find.

The other dark horse is a widget called Easy Envelopes. A little tool that lets you print double or single sided envelopes of any size with your choice of font type and size. Simply copy the address to the clipboard or search for it using the widget (it looks in your handy Address Book) and the address is dumped into pride of place and you print by clicking on the stamp! (very cute)

Design wise its great and functionally it’s a marvel and its free. If you want it, email me and I’ll send it to you.


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