Mar 31

Make your Mac play every type of video

In the past there was Quicktime (that played MOV, MPEG and everything in between) and there was Windows Media Player that ran only WMV type files. Now, while there was a copy of Windows Media Player for the Mac it was terribly featureless and the web integration was pathetic – meaning that if there was  a movie on a web site and it was in WMV (which allot of them are) the mac just went “huh??” and you were left in the dark 95% of the time.

Thank you Mr. Gates for another quality product that follows industry standards!!!!

However, there is a plug in for Quicktime called Flip4Mac that will play WMV files through Quicktime first time, every-time and the browser integration is spot on – so for us its like the whole world converted over to Quicktime overnight!!!

Oddly this FREE plug-in is being pushed by Microsoft who have announced they are dropping development of Windows Media Player for Mac. Not  a bad idea really considering how limited it was!


Flip4Mac can be found at and

I encourage you all to download and install – you’ve got nothing to lose and lots of WMV files to gain.

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