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Just got a New Mac?

Firstly, congratulations on your new Mac or your second hand purchase. Below are some tips and things to consider when you first start using your Mac. You are thinking of switching or upgrading. If you are about to switch from a PC or you are upgrading from an older please consider the following for a …

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Sophos Management

If Sophos detects a threat it will almost certianly be a Windows virus that has been sent you via email. You could ignore it and it will do you no harm but just in case you forward this to someone else in the future, it might be worth gettng rid of it straight away. When …

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Switching to Mac

A lot of people are moving away from Windows and honestly… why wouldn’t they? In the home and the office there is precious little the Mac cannot do and even stuff that is simply not written for Mac can be run in virtualisation or Bootcamp*. If you want to move away from Windows mac services …

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Video online training is an excellent way to learn and Lynda has to be one of the best. They have offered online training for an incredible 14 years and their list of video courses run into the 1000’s Once you subscribe for a month (or a full year if you like) you can do the …

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When its time to say goodbye

Before you sell your old Mac or take it off for recycling, you might want to consider reformatting the hard disk first to make sure that none of your data fall into the wrong hands. Remember that photo of you after that party Here is how you erase a hard disk if you have a …

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