May 30

Apple store for Canberra – Updated.

Apple store with logo

This Seek advert has started a buzz in Canberra.

Further grass roots investigations and discussions seem to confirm that Apple is indeed planning to open one of their monolithic stores in Canberra.

What does this mean for Canberra Apple buyers, other Apple Resellers and people like me?

Well for the Apple buyer in Canberra it has to be a treat, surely. Awesome store filled to the brim with awesome product and a Genius of every corner?! Well I suppose yes but their approach is very, shall I say, “Appley” Whereas someone like Mac1 might offer you their services or just as quickly my services or JB Hi-FI might suggest you try the guy down the road who is very good at restoring data – Apple won’t. They have strict rules about who they can and cannot recommend and it has nothing to do with ability.

It is worth remembering that people like Mac1 and the other private support people in Canberra have been around for a long time and they were delivering product and services to the Canberra region while others (Apple included) ignored us. I am not saying we should avoid the Apple Store but I would like it to be the only place to go for Apple product and if we don’t look after the locals – it will be.


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    • Bob on June 19, 2012 at 10:46 PM
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    Any idea where in Canberra it might be? I haven’t seen any black clad buildings with the Apple symbol, or curtains on them anywhere…

    1. There is a strong rumour that it will be in the Canberra Centre.

    • Sandy on June 24, 2012 at 7:54 PM
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    Cool. Keep us informed Renny!

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