May 29

Apple don’t make it obvious but it can be done



Apple sure don’t help themselves with their choice of menus. Their classic habit of referring to “folders” in the Mail application as “mailboxes” has always been a head scratcher for me.

Last year it became apparent that those who use iPad or iPhone can save documents to cloud based services like Dropbox. All of a sudden you weren’t locked into just using iCloud to sync files between your iPad and your desktop or other people.

The confusion lies in the fact that the allows you to “Open in an Another app” rather than Save to a location. This is weird because often you aren’t opening the document you are saving the document but once you know the secret the process is very simple.

1. Open Pages (for example) and create a new document or open an old one.
2. Tap on the Spanner icon (really your guess is as good as mine) and choose Share and Print and then Open in Another App.


3. Choose your format (I always recommend Word or PDF if you plan to share this with others)


4. Click on Choose App


5. Tap on Dropbox (in this example)


6. Here you can change the name of the document as well as its location in Dropbox (if you have special or shared folders)


7. Click on Save


Editors note: This same procedure can be used with a variety of iOS applications and cloud based services. Documents to Go – for example – will give you access to your DropBox. As a cloud service Microsoft’s Skydrive (available for iOS and Mac and Windows) gives you close to the same experience as DropBox but while it will allow you to Open Pages files it will not allow you to save them back again to your DropBox folder. For this reason I am happy to recommend DropBox as your go-to cloud service when it comes to iOS

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