About Us


Renny started in Macintosh support in 1989 and has loved every minute of it.

He cut his teeth with the local ACT business The Logic Group who, a few months later, were purchased by Logical Solutions – a large statewide business. During that time he was trained as a Laser printer technician, a Hardware technician and later took a position in software support. Along the way he was lucky enough to be sought after and received letters of commendation and awards.

In 1996 he accepted an offer from one of his clients and worked for them as a public servant until 2005.

In that time he worked mainly with Windows but continued to support a small group of ex-clients on weekends and after hours. In essence this is when mac services was born… November 1999.

On Jan 1st 2006 he decided to expand mac services and started working on his own. From day one he decided to run this support business the way they should be run, tireless, flexible and responsive as well as enabling, friendly and honest.


Sarah joined the team in 2011 and works tirelessly in the office making sure that the business runs smoothly. She spends her time preparing invoices, sending out receipts and trying to decipher her father’s scribbled notes.



Morgan is the office dog and does nothing for the business at all, aside from offer unwavering support, unconditional love and companionship. He can often be found waiting patiently outside the bank. Every office should have one.


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