October 2016 archive

Oct 20

Change your Apple ID password today

Your Apple ID is your link to Apple and is plugged into every service from iTunes to the Appstore. Recently reports are coming in of Apple ID accounts being hacked. Details are sketchy because this is very new, but it seems that those affective have been reporting odd messages appearing in their phone (all written …

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Oct 16

New iOS 10 feature is not as daft as you think

Two things I hear a lot lately. “I just upgraded to iOS 10.”  “I hate the fact you cannot slide to unlock, stupidest idea ever!” I said in a previous article that the removal of the swipe feature, more than any other, was going to take some time to get used too. In actual fact it is …

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Oct 12

MacOS Sierra

For the first time ever, Apple are automatically downloading Sierra to your Mac ready for install. Of course this can be ignored and your mac left untouched. However a lot of people are installing the OS update thinking it is just one of those regular updates that pop up from time to time without realising …

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