July 2016 archive

Jul 13

Don’t be alarmed by this weird message

It only takes your daughter to spontaneously clean her room or a politician to put the people’s needs and wants ahead of those lining his/her pockets to realise that you haven’t seen everything. I had one such experience the other day when a dialog box appeared on my iPhone that simply read: Passcode Requirement: You …

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Jul 10

Sign forms without printing them first

  In days of yore your bank – or some such institution – would mail forms for you to sign and have you mail them back. These days they email the forms that they expect you to print out, fill in by hand, sign, scan back into your computer and then email back to them. …

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Jul 08

Off Site Backup

If you have been visiting this website for any length of time you will have probably gathered I have something of a bee in my bonnet about backup. Backup is probably the single most important thing you can do for your Mac and yet there are those that still don’t do it. Or do it but …

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Jul 07

New Malware – be aware

  The scumbags of the IT world are out in force again and this time they have released a new Malware attack for Mac. As usual it is important to remember that this attack – like all the others thus far – are limited and specific in their delivery method. In other words, you won’t …

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