October 2015 archive

Oct 24

Ordering prints from Photos

When I first started in the computer business I was sold the lie of the paperless office. When I started my business I was determined that it should be as paperless as possible and so now everything in my house is digital. All paper that comes in is scanned and then shredded and the only …

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Oct 23

Safari scam

 There has been an increase in a new kind of scam and, sadly, these scum bags are targeting Mac users. This is what happens. You might be surfing and you go to a website that is, shall we say, low rent and substandard. One client was simply looking for a photo of Santa when she …

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Oct 05

iPhone 6S

Once, on a flight between Perth and Melbourne, I was offered – and gladly accepted – an upgrade to first class. I hated every mile.Yes my seat was bigger and made of leather and I had a rather roomy table between me and the guy in the next seat. But relaxing was out of the …

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