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Feb 08

Charge your iPhone (or iPad) quickly

It has happened to us all. You are about to leave the house and you grab your iPhone or iPad and you discover you’ve got about 5% battery life left. Experience tells you that this means the bloody thing will be dead before you get to the car. And sticking it on a charger won’t …

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Feb 08

A quick byte

  Not only is this funny, its true as well. Rather than rewriting I thought I’d just share.   -Renny

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Feb 05

If you have a gmail account you might want to read this.

You may not know this (because most people don’t) that google has its own social media service in the form of google+. It has been said that the only people who actually use this service are google employees and while this might be a slight exaggeration the fact remains that that it is about as …

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