February 2014 archive

Feb 26

Handling Winmail.dat

It’s usual a vital email. You are usually in a hurry. You need to deal with the contents of this important email right now. But it’s blank. The only content is an attachment entitled Winmail.dat. So what is it and why is it happening? And more importantly, what can you do about it? Firstly, and …

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Feb 18

Firefox to be “ad supported” in future releases

  Every now and then someone or something sells out, leaving you stunned and disappointed. I had a similar feeling when Apple announced that iAd would be “integrated” into the iOS leaving some – including me – with the impression that the iOS was going to become an operating system that tried to sell you …

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Feb 13

iTunes Radio arrives in Australia

Announced back in October 2013, iTunes Radio was to be Apple’s answer to services like Pandora and Rdio. Launched first in the US (predictably) it failed to win over many Pandora users not because there was anything wrong with it , but because it didn’t offer anything new. So why change? Well, for starters, iTunes …

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Feb 09

Quick access to Launch Pad

I have spoken about Launch Pad before on this site and as you might recall I used to hate it. I thought it was a useless attempt to meld the iOS and the MacOS; something that Microsoft have done with Windows 8 that has been about as successful as a volleyball match in a mine …

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Feb 09

Don’t like the skinny font in iOS7?

Personally I don’t mind the new iOS for the iPhone or iPad. I think its stylish, breezy and thoroughly modern. But its not for everyone. Some find the icons bewilderedly childish or nonsensical (in some cases I agree), the font too hard to read and some of the design ideas to be nothing more than …

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