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Jun 29

Streaming music

In a lot of ways I am an old fashioned kind of guy. I believe in buying MY music and listening to MY music on MY iPod or iPhone. Streaming music, like listening to the radio, seems like renting rather than buying. So traditional radio and services like Rhapsody and Spotify have completely passed me …

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Jun 25

Hotspot passwords can be hacked.

  Sometime ago I wrote about the mobile hotspots you can set up on your iPhone and how they were the death knell of those dongles offered up by Optus and Telstra. I still standby this but something has come up recently that reminds us to be vigilant when it comes to their security. By …

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Jun 03

The Subscriptions Bus is coming. Like it or not

There is a very good chance that history will judge my last article as somewhat wayward. And I would be forced to agree because it started out as a guide to cloud based services and ended as something of a rant against Microsoft and Office 365. This article, I hope, will go a long way …

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Jun 02

Cloud storage for a Mac user

Editors Note: Originally this post was going to be a study of cloud services and how they work with the various desktop and iOS applications. However, as it is too often the case, I got side tracked into the new costs facing Microsoft Office users. This issue is a little more serious, and as it …

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