July 2012 archive

Jul 31

Apple TV just got 1000% more useful

The Apple TV has been around for quite a while but with the release of Movies in the cloud it recently got 1000% more useful. Once again, after almost two years, you can now buy as well as rent movies from iTunes. But oddly this article doesn’t cover that, no I will let Apple do …

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Jul 26

iOS6 Beta 3

Back in June I promised to keep you up-to-date with the latest operating system for the iPhone – iOS6. In my first article I concentrated mainly on the features that were highlighted by Apple during their  WWDC announcement. Since that time there has been a second release but I was not motivated to write anything …

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Jul 25

Mountain Lion Arrives

Picture of a Mountain Lion

On the 25th of July Apple releases (or has released, depending on when you are reading this) their latest kitty operating system; Mountain Lion. This is very likely the last operating system to be named after a feline because, frankly, there ain’t any left. This upgrade is well worth a look but before you take …

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Jul 16

Mountain Lion coming 25th July?

It has been rumoured that Mountain Lion will be officially launched on the 25th of July. As before it will be available as a download via the Mac Appstore and a USB key via the Apple Store online. If you have the internet to handle it I recommend (this time around) getting it as a …

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Jul 13

Mountain Lion. Will it work for you?

First things first, Mountain Lion is a triumph. I wouldn’t go so far as to say its revolutionary or ground breaking but it is the first operating system since Snow Leopard that works really well. My Mac is faster, cleaner and more feature rich than ever before and I highly endorse upgrading to it as soon as possible. That is, if …

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