June 2012 archive

Jun 28

Microsoft Surface

It has taken them over two years to enter the space dominated by Apple and a few sniveling runts gorging themselves on the scraps left behind but on the 18th of June Microsoft finally announced a tablet. The device itself looks a little dated with the profile of a Dell Inspiron and some stolen technology …

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Jun 22

Get $100 for your old Mac

It is also a cold hard fact that your Mac is often not worth very much by the time you are ready to trade up. Since going to Intel the life span of a Mac has dropped a fair bit with all the speed improvements, features (and demands) of the operating system. And of course …

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Jun 20

The new Airport Express. Cute but dumb.

I was looking at the new Airport Express and it suddenly reminded me of my cat; cute but dumb. Why is it cute I hear you ask? Well for starters the form factor is gorgeous and the finish and attention to detail is superb, essentially it’s an Airport Extreme but in miniature. If you’ve ever …

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Jun 18

The only use for LaunchPad

You are going to think me the worst kind of hypocrite. You are going to want me hung from the nearest yard arm and spanked until my bottom is blue. You may even think I have gone mad but I think I have found a use for that ugly stepchild of all interface designs- LaunchPad. …

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Jun 18

iOS6 beta1- so far

On the 12th of June I wrote with great enthusiasm about iOS6. Recently I was able to download the beta1 onto my iPhone 4s to see first hand if all that was promised at the WWDC was in fact reality. Sadly it isn’t. Not yet any rate. Before we go any further it has to …

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